>The Secret to Burnt Sugar Essence Revealed!

>A comment written here to a blog entry from January 2009:

Hello there! I know this has been posted for quite some time. Very nice. It seems that you did everything right. However, it is best to brown the sugar on it’s own first before adding the water. Believe me, it will turn black!!! It may set off an alarm or two, but it will turn black..Believe me!! As soon as it is black, slowly add boiled water to it and keep stirring. Voila, burnt sugar essence. I like to put on the fans above my stove so the smoke is not too horrid. Hope you find [this] helpful.

P.S. I like to make batches and store in my glass jars (when warm), so I don’t have to re-live the burning aroma often. When you are ready to use it the next time, the burnt sugar will be VERY thick. Not to worry!! Before using it, place your closed jar of essence in hot tap water. After a few minutes or so, you will notice it will “loosen up” in consistency.

To make a batch of burnt sugar essence, use 1 lb. sugar, brown or white, and 1 cup of boiled water. (I prefer brown sugar but it doesn’t matter). Good luck! ­čÖé

I post this here because it is apparent that there are people all over the world who are still trying to tackle this problem, and only have the late Laurie Colwin’s words to go on. They would be happy to read the advice of someone who knows what she’s doing. Thank you, Tanya!

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    >Thank you Tanya and Marcellina! Onward, Black Cake!-Carlisle

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