Spring continues to push on ahead of schedule (if you’re going by the standard dates announcing season change), but my jogging path is still part ice rink, so I’m forced to cover other areas. 
At work, we are wrapping up a Puccini opera and starting one by Richard Strauss. I remember that my Opera History curriculum covered both composers on the same day, because the professor held both of them in the same (low) esteem. Which is really a shame because they are both fantastic, especially if you are one of those people who is neither “prima la musica, dopo le parole”, nor the other way around. The texts that Strauss and Puccini set to music are realistically constructed and could stand on their own as plays, even when the general plot is less than believable. And the music is, well, incredible. Damned difficult to learn, with the mazes of chromatics and tricky rhythms, but well worth the effort. So if you are in college and your teachers are telling you that Strauss and Puccini are just inconsequential fluff, don’t believe it. Go listen to some of the operas. Better yet, see them. Let yourself be moved.
The stone labyrinth (well, concrete and earth) in my local park. I didn’t even know it was there until last year. 
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