>If Climate Change Doesn’t Kill Them…

>…the glaciers are going to melt from embarrassment

The Rettenbach Glacier, at 3000 metres, will be the open-air stage for 500 actors to perform the historic story of Hannibal and his Carthaginian army crossing the Alps on their way to Rome.

Hannibal crossed the main Alpine ridge* in 10 days in 218BC, accompanied by an army of 60,000 Africans, Celts, and Spanish warriors, thousands of horses and 37 elephants.

The performance will take place against a backdrop of snow and ice which has been sculpted to form a Maya Pyramid – modelled on the Castillo from Chichen Itza. Snow machines will act as elephants; skiers, climbers, and parachutists will be the modern warriors; and riders on skidoos will be the men on horseback. The entire spectacle is accompanied by light effects, music, video, and pyrotechnical shows.

I realize I am being maybe a tiny bit zickig. Truth is, I went to see the Mormon open-air spectacle up in Palmyra (New York) a few summers ago, and while we wanted to laugh at it more, from a technical standpoint it was very well done. I’m not sure about the Chichen Itza pyramids fitting into this, but hey, whatever. Snow machines and skidoos for elephants and horses is probably a very good idea. Unfortunately I am working that night and can’t even think about going to see this!

*But not in Sölden, as far as I know. A bit further to the west. As in, France.

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