>Vissi d’arte

>Yesterday morning, I had to try something for the first time during a dress rehearsal — offstage, I had to take a swig of stage blood from a bottle and keep it in my mouth, then enter the stage with a rifle, cock it, and get shot by another character. When that happened I was to turn my upper body to the wall and spit out the blood as I fell, so that there would be a nice splatter on the wall above my prone body. This all happened successfully; however, on the way down, some of the stage blood somehow entered my windpipe, maybe from my having inadvertently inhaled while I was spitting — I really don’t know. It may have been the fact that the gun that “shot” me had real blanks in it, which I knew in advance, but the sound might have made my body react instinctively. However it happened, I am here to tell you that that stuff burns like hell when it goes down the wrong way, and burned for the rest of the day and night, and still stings today — like when you accidentally breathe in a cloud of hairspray!
Immediately following the rehearsal I stopped in at a pharmacy and asked for something to soothe the pain. The very nice Apothekerin recommended not drugs but mallow-leaf tea, and a throat spray. They help somewhat, but the most effective treatment has been to suck on honey-centered sage cough drops all day. The vocal cords are OK (which is important because I have performances this weekend!), the affected area seems to be right above them, around the epiglottis. The only time it doesn’t scratch is when I don’t breathe…

Lesson learned: less blood, one big spit instead of several, and no death scene will be convincing if you keep coughing.

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4 Responses to >Vissi d’arte

  1. Paschberg says:

    >Hope you get well soon.Käsepappeltee!. Maybe it would be fine to mix theater-blood with this tea – so in case of such an accident the therapy ist already included 😉

  2. Paschberg says:

    >Btw. approximately 10 years ago we spent a short holiday in Monti Lessini.In Badia Calavenamaybe here (unfortunatly I don´t remember the name of the site and the products) http://win.erbecedario.it/index.htmthey sold a tea especially for singers (I remember they said Caruso had used this tea – well this might have been an economical lie). It tasted not very well and was very slimy. But I remember a had coght the cold then and this tea helped quit good.

  3. Marcellina says:

    >Maybe it would be fine to mix theater-blood with this tea— hah, brilliant.Caruso had used this tea— there are some Italian musicians whom I can ask, next time I see them. Perhaps one of them can bring some up here for me. It might be good to have, although right now I am not sick per se, but injured.But tonight's show went fine, at least the voice is still there!

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