>I Love My Job, Part 8


 I just sang my second-to-last Tisbe and I am already distraught that my last one is coming up, in a month. It’s so much fun! Everything about it has been pure joy — the vocal line is not strenuous (besides all that Rossini text!), the role itself, while large enough to be onstage nearly the entire time, does not have an aria to get nervous about (poor Cenerentola acts and sings in duets and ensembles all night long, and then has to wow the audience with “Non più mesta” at the very end of the opera. What pressure — but our leading ladies have been wowing them and then some.)

 A moment to relax in the intermission. C, my deliciously nasty evil-sister-in-crime, had as much fun as I did.

 We all loved this show —I am not the only cast member who wouldn’t mind doing, oh, twenty more…

Look at all this padding! This is what I wear under my costume, for just the right, er, “heft” —and yes, the bra is padded with about 6 cm of foam. It is not uncomfortable but it really does change the way one walks and moves, and the space one needs to get through tight spaces (as in, forget it.) It is, on the other hand, very liberating to look like this (temporarily!), to be an over-made-up slob who thinks she’s hot, and who gets to eat all evening (the chocolate mousse during Magnifico’s second act aria is particularly enjoyable.)
Larger repertory opera houses bring a production back year after year, and people come. Our house cannot do that, simply because this city is not large enough to support more permanent runs — there are just so many opera-goers out there in the region, and Munich seems to suffer from the delusion that we are located on a distant planet, several days’ journey away. I hope someday to have the honor of being Tisbe again, she was a delight to get to know.

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