>"I Don’t Drive Black Women"

>Angel Blue, an Afro-American soprano singing in the role of Female Chorus* is Britten’s “The Rape Of Lucretia” at Theater an der Wien, was thrown out of a taxicab seconds after she got into it, the driver telling her, in English,  “I don’t drive black women — get out.”  Unfortunately Ms. Blue (I admit I had to confirm she was indeed an opera singer after reading that, er, unusual name. She is indeed.) was so distraught by what had just happened to her that she didn’t get the driver’s name or his license plate number.

The Social Dems are pushing to find the driver, the Freedom Party doubts her story happened. Same as it ever was.

Story in English here.
Artikel in Der Standard hier.

*If you don’t know the opera, she and a tenor fill the role of a Greek chorus, each commenting on the story as it unfolds. It is a very nice role.

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2 Responses to >"I Don’t Drive Black Women"

  1. Astrid says:

    >Wow. For those of us who like to regard Europe as a haven of civility, each of these incidents is a brutal little awakening. Thank God you've apparently got decent gun laws over there.

  2. Marcellina says:

    >Not to excuse the taxi driver in any way, but I think the idiot assumed she was an African call girl. I see not so much aggression over here as extreme bone-headedness.

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