“MUST you make that racket before I’ve had my coffee?”

I miss my terrace. I miss my sparrows and green finches, I miss the blackbirds that sing from the roof before dawn, I miss the female blackbird that parked in a large pot of ivy through the winter days. Someday the construction will be finished, but man…  I never would have thought I’d be able to live through a half a year of this daily drilling and hammering and general building noise. Unfortunately I think the spruce tree (bought 10 Christmases ago and which thrived til now) isn’t going to make it after so long indoors.  But we’ll see.
And as soon as all this building work is done, there’s going to be a party, for all the friends I have not been able to invite over since last August, and we’re going to break in the new terrace. Promise!

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