>Weekend Mountain Blogging: Stangensteig


I’ve been spending way too much time sitting at the computer, and it started to have an impact on my mood (not in a good way); so, it was time to get out into some sunshine, in the hills just above Hötting on the Stangensteig-Trail (I have to work later, and  I can’t just go climbing into the unknown before an important show.) There are still icy patches here and there, and snow in the shadier parts, but mostly walkable.

Looking across the Inn Valley to the plateau on the southern side, I finally realized where yodeling came from. And it is probably as old as the tribes that lived here (these higher plateaus are where the oldest local archaeological finds have come from — ideal living conditions up here, even for Stone-Age folks)

Straight from the farm, no processing.

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  1. >Gorgeous. What a beautiful place you live in.

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