>Actually, I Liked K.I.T.T. More*


Austrian ski-star-turned-singing-heartthrob Hansi Hinterseer

Quick, who’s most responsible for bringing down the Berlin Wall? Mikhail Gorbachev? Guess again. Ronald Reagan? Nope!

It was David Hasselhoff, or at least that’s what he claims, according to an article in Der Standard, announcing the dates for his upcoming Austrian concert tour (news must be especially slow these days in Vienna.) Translated here by me:

Hasselhoff was also responsible for the fall of the Berlin Wall, after singing Looking For Freedom there earlier in 1989. At least he thinks so. Although there are a few people who mark the beginning of the end with Boney M’s 1978 tour of the Soviet Union.

The article did clear up one thing that had always puzzled me, however:

That his music career was limited to German-speaking countries lay less on the discerning musical tastes of the Austrian people, and more to do with the skills of his music producer, Jack White, of Kitzbühel (not that Jack White, this one.)

1989 didn’t turn out to be a good year for “The Hoff”. Jack White got caught up in a sex scandal. The Hoff started an affair with Mrs. White. Jack White responded by redirecting his energies to Hansi Hinterseer’s singing career. The rest is history.

Well, that explains Hansi.  He’s still selling out concerts within 5 minutes of tickets going on sale.  I have to give Hansi credit for admitting to reporters that he thinks he’s not all that good, but that as long as people want to hear him…

*(Seriously. William Daniels’ best roles were always the cynical, too-smart-for-his-own-good, misunderstood achiever.)

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