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>First they ban plastic shopping bags, and now they’re working on wi-fi for all —Italian cities are hooking up free Internet access for its citizens. They’ve already begun to build up a substantial network across Rome:

Over 4,200 businesses that are CNA members are participating. Whether in espresso bars, restaurants or hair salons, it is to be possible for customers to surf wireless and free of charge by the end of the year. The business association is providing small companies with the equipment they need to get started. According to the plan, Rome’s provincial authority will be responsible for spreading the city’s W-LAN infrastructure to the greater metropolitan area.
…The planned expansion is not just limited to the areas surrounding Rome. In November 2010, the countrywide Free Italia Wi-Fi initiative was established, with the declared goal of providing the entire country with free Internet access.

Meanwhile, in Tuscany…

Further north, in tourist haven Florence,… officials are taking a different approach in providing free Internet access to locals. Instead of relying on local businesses in the first stage, the city is providing wireless Internet access on its network of trams… The project is expected to be completed by summer, at which time all light-rail passengers, the 14 stations along the route and residents within 100 meters of the line will have free Internet access. The light-rail service will also be connected to 11 locations in the city center that have already offered free Internet access.

Cool! But you can’t just, you know, ride the tram all day:

Although access is free, there are nevertheless some restrictions. Each day, users can surf for a maximum of one hour or a total volume of 300 megabytes.

Article in deutch.

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  1. Paschberg says:

    >Free internet access in trams – it is ambiguous – as it is one more thing to prevent one from looking around – I am already getting nervous about the screens with the running short- films – it´s funny – although the view outside looking on city live, should be more interesting – my eye is always caught by the movements in the screen. Fortunately I have got no labtop. Surfing in the tram, I would miss to leave on time.But if I would be stuck in the tram in a traffic-jam surfing would be a good idea 🙂

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