>Morning on the Rosner Weg


It’s anything but mid-wintery on the southern, sunny side of the Nordkette. Granted, we’re in what I once heard a ski instructor  describe as the Jännerloch (a “hole” in January when there the region lacks snow and tourists). Winter will come around again soon enough, and it was nice to have a warm, sunny break from it.

This side gets a lot more sunshine than my usual tramping grounds, and susequently looks different, drier, more robust. Even the natural ground cover is different. (And let me add, the “clientel” is way different too. The joggers are unbelievably skinny, the extreme-sport types. Maybe I should try it over here!)

The avalanche barricades near Arzler Alm. Beyond, shrouded in haze, lies the west end of town — Reichenau, the Olympic Village.

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3 Responses to >Morning on the Rosner Weg

  1. Hecate says:

    >Beautiful pictures!

  2. Paschberg says:

    >Skinny joggers….they are also described a a "Sack voller Hirschgweih" (A bag of horns) 😉

  3. Marcellina says:

    >A bag of deer antlers, hah!

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