>Plastic Sack, Addio

>Italy has, as of January 1, banned marketing use of plastic shopping bags by all retailers.  Stores may give out the plastic bags they have in stock (they may be out by now.) Biodegradable bio-plastic is still permitted, and supermarkets will be switching over to them in the next weeks. Store owners report that before the new year they were already seeing more customers bringing their own re-usable cloth bags to the check-out counter.
Na, Austria? To their credit, some businesses here have taken steps toward reducing plastic bag waste — my Interspar also offers “plastic” bags made of potato starch, which don’t last forever but long enough to be re-used once or twice. And general environmental awareness (plus the extra 30 cents to buy a bag) has convinced many people to bring their own. But so far I haven’t heard any talk of following Italy’s lead.

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2 Responses to >Plastic Sack, Addio

  1. Astrid says:

    >Little by little, we're seeing more people bring their own bags over here, but we need more incentives. A 5-cent per bag credit doesn't make any difference to most people. Bravo, Italy! I wish we had the potato starch bags available – I'd feel a lot better throwing the cat litter out in them than in the plastic ones 😉

  2. Marcellina says:

    >They would be good for that as long as you didn't let it sit around — rotting vegetables etc. tends to make the bags start to decompose! Only 5 cents? That's nothing, but then the U.S.bags are flimsy. Ours are more robust and can carry heavier things.A drugstore here has a program where you pay a deposit for a cloth bag, and when it rips or gets dirty, you trade it in for another one for free. The LL Bean approach to shopping bags!

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