>Mike Brennan Update: Verdict Is In

>You may remember the story of Mike Brennan, the young American teacher who was jumped on a Viennese train platform and beaten by police mistaking him for a suspect drug dealer. (I blogged about it here, with updates here, here, and here. ) Well, the police officer responsible for the incident was brought to trial — and the verdict is now in: a 2,800 Euro fine for negligent bodily harm. The judge declared the mix-up “understandable, but avoidable.” What I still don’t really understand is why the police can beat someone badly enough to send them to the hospital (and Mr. Brennan said in a recent interview that he still has to deal with physical pain from the attack), someone who was not resisting or attempting to flee, EVEN IF that person WERE the actual suspected drug dealer.
Well, to answer my own question, “innocent until proven guilty” is a nice principle in theory but one which could see more practice. I am sure this must be stated  somewhere in the Treaties of the European Union, isn’t it?

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