>I’m kind of speechless about the shooting in Arizona and the continuous stream of commentary on the internet coming from all sides. As an acquaintance in the UK said, “Americans can’t imagine the impression the Tucson shooting has left on this part of the English-speaking world.” Digby makes a good case about the build-up of violence and incitement from the right in several posts, including regularly revisiting the problem of police with tasers, and the unlucky victims who have been their targets. It seems the original intent of the taser — to give police an alternative to using their guns — has been abandoned in favor of just having a quick way to subdue an uncooperative civilian, whether or not a suspect. Reading of this kind of thing, over and over again, is deeply troubling.

Gail Collins at the New York Times writes on the guns that go well beyond “self-defense weapons”.
Really, there is no reason on earth for this, and nothing can be done, we’re told.

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  1. ellroon says:

    >Nothing can be done until it's a Republican who's the victim or a CEO of the NRA….

  2. Marcellina says:

    >ellroon, probably not even then, either. The NRA will start spouting that we all need big automatic weapons in our homes now to "keep safe", and that a few (thousand) homicides is the price one pays for freedom. Or something.

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