>Weekend Mountain Blogging: "Fönisch"


Talking backstage with a colleague, I said thought that the conductor’s tempi were all a little fast yesterday evening. My colleague replied that the performance did seem indeed a little “fönisch”. Indeed, we are in the middle of a Föhn-wind period, and the warm winds have melted away nearly all of the snow. The  trails, which looked like this at the end of December,


now look like this, with nothing remaining but older, pack-down ice (treacherous in running shoes!)

Some singers are affected by the Föhn, and suffer from headaches. I usually don’t feel anything until it’s gone on for days and we’re all feeling dehydrated and cranky from lack of proper sleep.

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2 Responses to >Weekend Mountain Blogging: "Fönisch"

  1. Bill Niven says:

    >I love the word 'foenisch'! I felt the coming Foehn in Munich, yesterday, the tension in the temples…

  2. Marcellina says:

    >Especially charming was that it came from a Russian guy speaking English. Right before we went onstage and sang in Italian.

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