>Gulet Mohamed’s Continuing Nightmare

>Sadly, this fits as a yang to the yin of the post below it. It is important that we never forget that this kind of thing goes on even today, even by the so-called Land Of The Free. Glenn Greenwald writes about a Somali-born, American-raised teenager, traveling with (and visiting) family with a U.S. passport and all the necessary visas, and the nightmare he is currently living:

Approximately two weeks ago (on December 20), Mohamed went to the airport in Kuwait to have his visa renewed, as he had done every three months without incident for the last year. Time time, however, he was told by the visa officer that his name had been marked in the computer, and after waiting five hours, he was taken into a room and interrogated by officials who refused to identify themselves. They then handcuffed and blindfolded him and drove him to some other locale. That was the start of a two-week-long, still ongoing nightmare during which he was imprisoned for a week in an unknown location by unknown captors, relentlessly interrogated, and severely beaten and threatened with even worse forms of torture.

Please read the whole article, it is not long. And while you are there read his articles on the current fate of Bradley Manning, the alleged Wikileaks “leaker”. This is shameful. Greenwald deserves a Nobel Prize for getting this information out and keeping it out there. The very least I can do is pass it on.

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