>More Traces Of The Anschluss

>Creepy news from the region. A field of graves containing the remains of approximately 220 people was discovered in the course of a construction project at the hospital in Hall in Tirol. It is suspected that at least some of the dead were victims of the NS euthanasia policy. It has been determined that the bodies were interred between 1942 and 1945.

Construction plans were immediately halted and plans made to exhume and try to identify the bodies. According to local historian Horst Schreiber (an excellent author of many in-depth books about the region during the Nazi era), plans had been submitted for a euthanasia program involving lethal injection, but was rejected by the Nazi authorities (for whatever reason). It has been long suspected, however, that hundreds of patients were simply starved to death in Hall.

In the Anschluss years, at least 3000 people from Tirol and Vorarlberg were reported as carrying hereditary diseases — by doctors and other caregivers, who were legally bound to report them. At least 400 were forcibly sterilized; over 700 from Tirol, including children, were deported to Schloss Hartheim near Linz, a main area of euthanasia activity where thousands of people were gassed. Records were kept top-secret and death certificated were falsified, the families of the deceased given false information about the fate of their loved ones.

Exhumation of the graves will begin in March.

Wikipedia entry on “T4”
Article in Der Standard (de)

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  1. >Ich hab über das Thema T4 mehrere Bücher gelesen. Z.B. "Das Mordschloß" von Tom Matzek http://www.amazon.de/Das-Mordschloss-Tom-Matzek/dp/3218007100.Sehr erschütternd finde ich, wie nach dem Krieg das 1963 offenbar vertuscht wurde und die Beweise für diese schrecklichen Taten, die die Nazis dokumentierten vernichtet wurden.und grad die Einteilung in erhaltenswertem Leben und unwertem, weil sie nicht dem Vorzeigegermanen zeigt erschüttert mich. und ich glaube ein Keim dieses Gedankenguts in der Richtung der Vernichtung bzw. dem Verstecken des unwerten, weil unvollkommenen steckt noch immer drinnen in der Gesellschaft

  2. Marcellina says:

    >Danke für diese Empfehlung, ich habe das Buch gerade bestellt. Interestingly, a document, die sogenannte "Todesliste", has turned up in the Landesarchiv, thought since 1963 to have been destroyed. There are perhaps other documents that have survived. News article here (deutsch):http://www.tt.com/csp/cms/sites/tt/%C3%9Cberblick/Chronik/ChronikInnsbruckLand/1992281-6/akt-des-grauens-und-viele-offene-fragen.csp

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