>Along My New Jogging Path

A quiet, foggy Christmas Eve morning on the Ammersee. Walk down the street, turn right at the grocery store, and go over the hill, and in 20 minutes you come to this little beach. Nobody there but dog walkers in this weather, but it has a certain eerie charm.

 A forest of sailboats. I would love to have a kayak or even just a little rowboat someday. Unfortunately they are not only expensive but heavier than they look. Gotta keep checking the classifieds.

From here, the alps are — on a clear day — a heap of gray and white on the southern horizon.  On a day like this they are just a memory.
I hate (—hate!—) the new updated blogger formatting. I can’t seem to get anything done the way I used to, and the HTML looks like a disaster area.  I have also noticed that archived posts have lost all of their paragraph divisions, and run on in one block of text. Trying to repair that as I go. Please, Blogger, I am an opera singer — I have many talents, but I.T. is not one of them. Don’t make this hard for me!
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