>For My German-Speaking Readers

>…(and I know there are several of you out there!) The excellent blog USA Erklärt explains to you everything you may find -er- “puzzling” about America (and I know, there’s a lot to puzzle over), such as the so-called War On Christmas.

(h/t to Franz, der mir’s empfohlen hat)

Addendum: Normally this kind of thing is media-hype but it seems that quite a few people have an ax to bear about something. Why on earth some people in America would feel their (majority) religion is being persecuted because of inclusive holiday greetings is beyond me (outside of the idea that they are just looking for any form of persecution they can find.) I have no personal experience with any of it, as my last stateside Christmas was in 1992 (yikes!) and let’s face it, the internet and cable news try to make controversies seem bigger than they really are.  So, is it only in certain fly-over areas? Is it over-reaction? That cerainly seems to be the case with the German Christmas Market in Philadelphia (the Mayor had to call the signmaker in Germany and have him come back to reinstate the sign? Nobody there could do this?)

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