>So, if anyone really wants to know anything, or wishes a particular blog topic, ask away. Otherwise, I’ve got nothin’.

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  1. Paschberg says:

    >In view of such sad news it would be even fit to laugh at death in general. Although my advice might be not appropriate I hope it will help. Somehow. Not-blogging is however a good idea – as Advent became the most insensible (a pun: Besinnlich/Besinnungslos) time during the year. Maybe now creating virtual silence in the internet…..?

  2. Marcellina says:

    >Silence… in fact yesterday the entire community joined together on the old forum where they always meet (even several on forum hiatus, such as me!) and we spent several hours remembering good things with each other. I find that meeting with the deceased's loved ones, be it friends or family, makes one feel unusually warm and kind and… alive. No, silence isn't the answer, but the opposite — reaching out and being human!And while we are on the subject I want to say that your online tribute to your father was lovely — a life examined and celebrated; I'm sure he would be proud to have a son who remembered him in this way.

  3. Marcellina says:

    >And, speaking of laughing at death — part of the New York Times obituary for film director Blake Edwards:A lifelong depressive, Mr. Edwards told The New York Times in 2001 that at one point his depression was so bad that he became “seriously suicidal.” After deciding that shooting himself would be too messy and drowning too uncertain, he decided to slit his wrists on the beach at Malibu while looking at the ocean. But while he was holding a two-sided razor, his Great Dane started licking his ear, and his retriever, eager for a game of fetch, dropped a ball in his lap. Trying to get the dog to go away, Mr. Edwards threw the ball, dropped the razor and dislocated his shoulder. “So I think to myself,” he said, “this just isn’t a day to commit suicide.” Trying to retrieve the razor, he stepped on it and ended up in the emergency room.Nice!

  4. Paschberg says:

    >:-) that´s the kind of humore I like – as well as Edwards films. This kind of humor is also somehow Austrian: "Die Lage ist (manchmal) hoffnungslos, aber nicht ernst." Becoming familiar with this turned around saying you will easier pass through often unavoidable hopelessly passages. Religious fanatics won´t see this (as the mix "religion" with the "set theory") – But I believe this kind of view is also hidden in religion as nothing on earth can be so earnest….

  5. Marcellina says:

    >Ja, ich habe schon diesen Satz gehört! Auch für mich sehr bezeichnend für Österreich, und vor allem Tirol, ist die Phrase "Es wird schon." Ich kann mir vorstellen, die ganze Geschichte der Bevölkerung Tirols, eingekapselt in diese drei Wörter.Eines Tages im letzten Jahr hat jemand mich gefragt, warum ich immer in so eine gute Laune bin; ich antwortete, "Ich habe einfach kapituliert." Denn, was Du sagst ist richtig, nichts soll man so ernst nehmen, außer dem Leben selbst.

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