>Weekend Mountain Blogging: Back Into The Woods


I have missed the birds. With the ongoing construction on my apartment building, I’ve had to take down the feeder. It’s nice to see that the forester in charge of these woods has been putting out feed.

With snow, you can notice things that you may have walked within yards of earlier, and never noticed.

Not so easy to make out in this picture but there is a tram crossing down there where the trees begin. It’s a beautiful, fairy-tale ride in any season but especially when everything is white.

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2 Responses to >Weekend Mountain Blogging: Back Into The Woods

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Lovely pictures. I'd miss my bird feeders, too, though my brother calls them "hawk feeders". Indeed, we saw a hawk swoop down right past one of them yesterday – didn't pick anyone off, as far as we could tell; all the little birds had scattered away in time.

  2. Marcellina says:

    >An NYT article about birdfeeders said that as well — that one is not only feeding the songbirds but their prey. We've seen sparrow hawks land right here on the terrace a couple of times.

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