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>Scary post up at Club Orlov. (I was going to title this “Why I Love Dmitri Orlov” but then saw that he didn’t write it, it’s by someone else.) Very interesting reading — I don’t really take the whole “we’re doomed” scenarios business seriously, but there’s a lot to chew on here. Read the whole thing. Meanwhile, here’s an excerpt:

Whether the collapse is gradual or gut-wrenchingly sudden, the results will be chaos, civil strife and fascism. Let’s face it: the United States is like the former Yugoslavia – a collection of mutually antagonistic cultures united in name only. You’ve got your own version of the Taliban: right-wing Christian fundamentalists who actively loathe the idea of secular Constitutional government. You’ve got a vast intellectual underclass that has spent the last few decades soaking up Fox News and talk radio propaganda, eager to blame the collapse on Democrats, gays and immigrants. You’ve got a ruthless ownership class that will use all the means at its disposal to protect its wealth from the starving masses.

On top of all that you’ve got vast factory farms, sprawling suburbs and a truck-based shipping system, all of it entirely dependent on oil that is about to become completely unaffordable. And you’ve got guns. Lots of guns. In short: the United States is about to become a very unwholesome place to be.

Right now, the government is building fences and walls along its northern and southern borders. Right now, the government is working on a national ID system (soon to be fitted with biometric features). Right now, the government is building a surveillance state so extensive that they will be able to follow your every move, online, in the street and across borders. If you think this is just to protect you from “terrorists,” then you’re sadly mistaken. Once the shit really hits the fan, do you really think you’ll just be able to jump into the old station wagon, drive across the Canadian border and spend the rest of your days fishing and drinking Molson? No, the government is going to lock the place down. They don’t want their tax base escaping. They don’t want their “recruits” escaping. They don’t want YOU escaping.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    >I'm a gloom and doomer myself, but this seems a bit over the top. If the conservatives cared about their tax revenues, they wouldn't keep lowering the tax rates and allowing all sorts of exemptions and deductions. But the future probably does involve at least some environmental degradation and looting. And what happens in 50 years when the drought arrives, well, it won't be pretty.-Carlisle

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