>Fröhlich Pfalz, Gott Erhalt’s!

>It wasn’t exactly what’s called “jumping in” because I knew well in advance, but I traveled to a city in Germany to fill in for another singer for one performance, of a piece I’ve done before.
The look of the town is different from Tirol (or Bavaria for that matter) in countless ways. The weather, the light, the architecture, the historical decor, the people. Even some the chain stores, beyond the ubiquitous ones like H&M, are regional and unknown to me. This is the Palatinate, whence many of Penn’s German settlers came. It was one of the poorer regions then and still is now. One also hears more Americans on the street, probably visitors from nearby Ramstein AB.
See, I like finding stuff like this. A bunch of ancient who-knows-what lying around, why put it in a museum? Make a column out of it and let people try to read the inscriptions.
My friends D & E drove down to see me and the show. A memorable day for E, getting to see a live musical, have an ice cream,
and do the obligatory walk around the swan fountain (that other kid has the same idea). It was a very good day.

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