>Your New Senator. Good Luck With This One.

>Just came across a week-old article in the City Paper (a popular independent weekly out of Philadelphia) called 66 Reasons NOT To Vote For Pat Toomey, by Jeffrey Billman, listing 66 of the myriad agendas the new Senator from Pennsylvania is known to espouse. Now that he’s been elected, it might not be a bad idea to refresh yourself with just what my home state has given you, dear fellow Americans.
Billman makes a point which may have circulated earlier, although I didn’t see it often: the insane candidates who got all the press created the advantage for Toomey of making him appear not so extreme. Billman quotes David Bossie, president of the right-wing Citizens United, who said in an interview earlier this month, “When Pat Toomey is a guy who’s considered pretty mainstream in that crew [of Tea Party candidates], that’s an amazing statement because he’s a phenomenal conservative leader. When we have this entire conversation and don’t even mention him, that’s unbelievable.”

And there you go. So who had the brilliant idea back in, oh, 2008, to find some theatrically amusing, incompetent volunteers to campaign and to pull all the press coverage over to where they were standing, in order to get the really dangerous ones elected on grounds of their being not so extreme as that? It was quite a coup, really. Looking at all the attention Palin was sucking from the presidential campaign, and seeing that it did the other guy a lot more good than it did her running mate, someone decided to harness that phenomenon and use it to the GOP’s advantage. Well, congratulations, Someone, you succeeded.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >Another thing: Toomey, the Republican National Committee and the Chamber of Commerce bombarded the tv and radio airways with ads that made Toomey seem normal, and Sestak like a dangerous left wing radical.The real problem, I think, is that the Republicans were energized and united this time around, and the Democrats were still worn out from two years ago, as well as divided. – Carlisle

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