>I had an unusual experience during tonight’s concert. Sitting in front facing a packed cathedral, listening to a movement that I don’t sing, I tilted my head up to admire all the baroque beauty above and around me. And felt so happy to be there, in this moment, with this music, that if this had been my last moment on Earth I would have been OK to go. With this in mind, I sang the Benedictus with, well, yes, with a joyful heart, and enjoyed every bar or it. The fact that several hundred people applauded at the end of the concert, the fact that they were listening to me at all, became almost unimportant. I’m glad they liked it! But in the end I wasn’t even singing for them, I was singing for Mozart, and for me, and for the beauty of life itself. Strange, no?

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  1. ellroon says:

    >The true meaning of ecstasy.

  2. >Well, it sounds for some strange to be glad singing "the requiem" – but I think it's a great piece of music – so i understand your feeling although i'm not a great singer

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