>Overseas Voter Hell

>Update: You know what? I’m just going to send it in a large envelope (the business envelopes here are 22 cm long, and they want at least 24 cm. Which just figures.) and pay the postage (which I would have had to do from here anyway). It may be deemed invalid. So, to offset this I’m sending some cash to Sestak and hoping for the best. If my vote can’t help him out, maybe a few dollars will.

Just so you see what kind of shenanigins we overseas voters have to put up with. My overseas ballot application, once again, has evidently not arrived at my local U.S. board of elections. So, the next step (fortunately the guy that works there is on the ball and e-mailed me a link to instructions) is to print out the application again, sign it again, scan it (don’t have a scanner, have to ask at work) and e-mail it to him. Meanwhile, I must then print out the official overseas ballot complete with envelope template and mail that again. Part of the instructions:

“If you choose to use mail to return your ballot, the return envelope
template must be printed on an envelope at least 9 1/2 x 4 1/8 inches in size. The envelope can be used to return your ballot postage paid in the United States mail (including APO/FPO). The postal service will not accept it stapled, taped or glued onto the envelope.”

(bold emphasis mine)

But will the postal service accept it glued on, or simply written on, if I pay the postage again myself? Not only do I not have a scanner but my printer is old and won’t do that envelope thing, I fear. Have to ask friends for help. Why do they make this confusing? And if they know they are dealing with overseas voters requesting absentee ballots, why can’t they at least include the damn envelope size in metric?

You’d think they want to discourage me from voting, wouldn’t you?

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  1. >oh my god! What a nitpicking (Erbsenzählerei)

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