>Autumn Walk In The Woods

>Autumn has come to Tirol. (I don’t know why English-language texts refer to the region as “the Tirol”, and since it’s not done in German, I see no reason for it.) One of my favorite walks.
Hecate, an actual Witch who writes thought-provoking posts at her blog, was musing last month about sacred places that need tending:

Those of us who live in urban areas are called to as sacred a task as are those someone(s) whose reiki I sensed in Muir Woods. Muir Woods is threatened and needs magical care, but so is the strip of land between the parking lot of your apartment complex and the interstate. So is the pocket park located a block away from you in the city, the one where people come to let their dogs run. So is the tree growing through the sidewalk outside your office building. So are the weeds growing in the alley behind your condo. It’s all sacred. It’s all Goddess pouring Goddess into Goddess. It’s all in desperate need of priestessing, in need of reiki, in need of loving care, in need of relationship.

I read Hecate for her appreciation of Nature and the change of seasons, and lately even more often since I discovered the sacrificial altar just up the hill. The people who lived here before the Romans, even before those we call the Celts, I guess, continue to fascinate me.
I realized that I didn’t really know the time frame of human history, or how long the Stone Age lasted and when the Bronze Age began (or, began to begin!)
The call to look out for and tend to a place, a piece of land that has magic about it, made me think immediately of the Paschberg and the trails (don’t worry Mom, I’m not converting to Wicca!). The Paschberg wears some of its history on its sleeve (Tummelplatz, Battle of Bergisl just steps away, the FLAK rings on Landser Kopf) and some of it you have to look for (rocks with cup markings.) Yesterday I walked the trails, instead of my usual jog, and looked for signs. I found a few, but also a lot of tiny litter scraps, and so I began to pick them up.
The Paschberg has become one of my magical places, worthy of tending and care. Lately there have been a lot of mountain bikers on it, and while I really don’t mind sharing the trails with them, I hope they take a little care of the place too.

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  1. Paschberg says:

    >"The Paschberg has become one of my magical places, worthy of tending and care."Nice to read this! ­čÖé

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