>At Least It Matches The Interior

The Vienna State Opera has a new fire curtain, with artwork by Cy Twombly. Eh, I am not a Cy Twombly fan, but OK. As fire curtain art, maybe it works.
As an aside, in German one uses the term eisener Vorhang, iron curtain.

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2 Responses to >At Least It Matches The Interior

  1. Prompter says:

    >This brought to mind a certain operatic fire curtain event I experienced. During a performance of "Madama Butterfly" by Sadler's Wells Opera in York, England, an official of the fire department decided to pay an official backstage visit. Much to the amazement and fury of the stage manager, he ordered that the fire curtain to be lowered – right in the middle of the love duet! A few seconds later he gave permission for the said object to be raised. When the stage manager asked him why he had interrupted the performance in such a brutal and untimely manner – given the fact that there seemed to be no hint of incendiary danger of any kind – the official pointed out a list of safety measures that the fire department was required to carry out. His finger lighted on the words: "The fire curtain must be lowered at least once during every performance".

  2. Marcellina says:

    >I like this! Actually, it could work as German "regie-theater" and the audience would think it was staged that way. It would signify something deep and open to interpretation!

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