>Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

> Although I’m in Munich a lot, I’m still finding my way around and there are parts I don’t know at all. Philadelphia is the one big city that I feel I know best. Even with the scary parts, I’m at least sort of familiar — if not comfortable.
Broad and Locust, looking at City Hall.
South Philly is proud of Mario Lanza. I only know him through his Hollywood films. One of Philadelphia’s great operatic tragedies (another was Anna Moffo.)
Rittenhouse Square was full of people hanging out, reading, typing on laptops, meeting up, watching other people.
You may scratch your head over this one but, to someone who shops for food overseas, this is just astonishing. An entire aisle of bread. A few years back, I knew I was heading toward European assimilation the day I got stuck in a U.S. supermarket aisle, frozen by the choices. The cereal aisle is even worse.

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  1. >Philadelphia misses you too!

  2. Anonymous says:

    >Great photos, especially your shot from the Vine St. Expressway and your view of Rittenhouse Square. Nice work! -Carlisle

  3. >Funny that I was thinking about the ridiculously large array of consumer goods in the US as I was walking down an entire aisle filled with room deodorizers. For some reason it reminded me of a time decades ago when a European friend of my family was similarly stunned by the grocery store.

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