>Celeb Sighting In My Mall


So I’m entering my local shopping mall to pick up some groceries at the Interspar, and I see that there is some sort of event taking place on a stage in the main lobby. Lots and lots of people crowded on the floor, especially teenagers. It hadn’t really started up yet, some guy was MC-ing, and at first I thought it was one of those charity auction things where men are auctioned off to women. I passed a young guy in a t-shirt that said Don’t Hassel the Hoff, but didn’t think much of it until I saw another guy with the same shirt, and then it dawned on me.
I turned around and looked back at the stage, just in time to see a whirlwind of people whisking by — yes, David Hasselhoff, surrounded by all sorts of security and bodyguards. So he really is that popular here, still!
He looked pretty good, in a Hollywood “maintained” sort of way. But what impressed me was that he was having a good time. It reminded me of the scene in “Soapdish”, where Sally Field’s character goes to the mall to be spotted by fellow shoppers who then line up for her autograph, although this of course was planned and advertised. Still, the kids came out, and not little kids, but 18-yr-olds. All the girls screamed! He must love that.
I hope he can get in a little mountain climbing or something while he’s here. It would be sad to just come to Innsbruck for a publicity appearance.

Addendum: By chance I saw how this post shows up on google, and all one saw was that last sentence. Which sounded, on its own, a little “Heather”-y and not what I meant to convey. The arts are just a serious form of show business, and without admirers we are, frankly, done. Some might wish to have a good laugh over Hasselhof but seriously, there were hundreds of people at the mall yesterday who cheered him enthusiastically. More than I’ll ever have! I realize I am blathering on, and what I wanted to point out about Hasselhoff and Innsbruck is that this region, with its mountains and all they offer in the way of sport and sightseeing, would be a shame to miss if you were just here for a gig.

Oh, and it was, I gather, a book signing.

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