>WM: Germany vs Argentina

>Enough with the pretty boys, let’s get to the real players. The one I’ll be watching today is Miroslav Klose, the German striker who never smiles when he scores (I suspect it’s a combination of Slavic upbringing and shyness.) At 32 he’s relatively old for Germany’s young team, but man, can he play. And if he can squeeze in 4 more goals in this world cup, he’ll become the new overall top goal scorer in World Cup history. (Right now he’s tied with Pelé at 4th place.)

In other events, my theater’s season ends this weekend, and 8 weeks of summer vacation stretch ahead of us. If I didn’t love my work (and I do, very much), this and the health insurance alone would be enough to keep me here in Europe.

UPDATE: In an astonishing game in which Germany smashed Argentina 4:0, Klose scored twice. This puts him now in second place for overall goals scored at the World Cup games, just behind Brazil’s Ronaldo. Germany faces Spain on Wednesday.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >He's a real player, but quite easy on the eyes too! -Carlisle

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