>Your World Cup Babe Of The Day


Gregory van der Wiel, Netherlands

It was a sad day in England yesterday, when Germany beat them 4:1 and knocked them out of the tournament. Yes, there was a terrible call and yes, England should have had that goal, but it would not have changed the outcome. By the time the score had reached 4:1, the German TV announcer was apparently feeling uncomfortable himself, muttering things like “we shouldn’t humiliate them” with a fifth goal. Naja — by the end of the night German fans weren’t feeling all that good anymore, seeing that their next opponent, in the quarterfinals next weekend, will be Argentina, which is looking like the killer team from hell.
Today, Netherlands vs Slovakia, Brazil vs Chile.

UPDATE: From the BBC News:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel apologised to UK Prime Minister David Cameron for the disallowed goal.


The Sun and the Mirror have headlines adapting Basil Fawlty’s remark about the Germans: “Don’t mention the score.”

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