>WM: Germany loses, US and England tie (but not with each other)

>Well, Germany lost this round’s game. But as my German colleague has put it, this just assures that the German team won’t have to face Argentina in the quarterfinal. As the second team to come out of their group, they will play somebody else, and if they keep winning they may well meet Argentina for the final. So this loss is actually Good For Germany. It is! Why are you shaking your head like that?

The second game today was USA vs Slovenia, and while I am not a big USA fan at the World Cup*, they were robbed. That goal was clearly good, and the ref called in invalid. Too bad. The third game, which took place while I was at work, ended with neither team scoring, which is terrible for England but probably very good for Algeria.

*Look, I’m happy to see the US have a good team, I’m happy to see that they’ve risen up from the novelty team they used to be, to give the other guys a real run for their money. But really, doesn’t the US dominate enough sports? All those years of their racking up medals at the Olympics have made me unappreciative, I know, but there are twenty teams I’d rather see win this thing.

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