>The group games go into the second round. There was, I am told by a friend in Switzerland, much rejoicing in the streets there yesterday:

Until just before the end of the game,” hopp schwiiz” [the standard fan cheer] was the most temperamentful of outbreaks, that we Swiss came out with. At 6 pm tutta la svizzera was in a fever… the streets were full of people, the beer was flowing in rivers and and where did all those horns suddenly come from?? Here in Rorschach it was megaparty until midnight… interestingly, until just before the game ended it had been dead silent. The whole country had to work out in their heads what was actually happening…

No one expected the Swiss team to beat Spain. Not that the former is bad, but the latter is the reigning European champion. Sadly, I had to miss this game and only saw the highlights later. In the evening poor South Africa got creamed by Uruguay (which, I have to say, has the most cheerful national anthem I have heard in a while).

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