>WM: Mexico vs France (2:0)

>Mexico played damn well! From the first 5 minutes they were setting up goals — unsuccessfully at first, but you could see that they were going to score eventually. They were relentless. And France just didn’t have it together. They tried all sorts of things, got the yellow card a couple of times, played one too many tricks when it was already 1:0 and then suffered the humiliation of a penalty kick — and then, with Mexico REALLY motivated, they didn’t have a chance.
I never developed any kind of emotional attachment to les bleus, but have watched them rise and fall since 98, when they won the World Cup that year. I can’t critique their playing, but they sometimes win brilliantly and sometimes lose just as big. Don’t know what’s going on there. But the Mexican team really had it together and played fiercely, as a team.

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