>West Austria hat a little bit of excitement yesterday, when a woman stole another woman’s three month old baby in a Salzburg shopping mall. The mother was trying on clothes in a dressing room, with her baby carriage sitting just outside the curtain. The thief distracted her with conversation, then at some point was unable to disappear with the child in a carrier basket and get it to her car. She then drove to her home near Kitzbühel, and promptly took the baby around to an acquaintance, claiming the child was her own.
But mall security had, from the mother’s description of the woman, surveillance images, which promptly went around all over the country. Apparently a relative of the woman, who is known to have some, er, mental issues, reported in and gave police details — car, license number, where she lived.
When she realized there was a hunt out for her, she put the baby back in the car and drove across the border into Bavaria, and left the child, in her carrier, in the parking lot of a beverage distributor. By then the Bavarian police were looking out for her too, and stopped her car. When they found no baby in the car, they got the woman to say where she’d left her. Little Nora is back with her parents, the kidnapper is undergoing psychiatric evaluation.

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  1. Sara says:

    >Hmmmm, wonder if the perp is related to Heidemarie Schnitzer?

  2. Marcellina says:

    >This one didn't seem clever enough by half. Between the lines I get the idea that the poor woman was OK enough until recently, when the urge to have a child – in any way possible – overtook her mental faculties. Townsfolk had seen her wheeling a doll in a pram lately. Clearly she hadn't been thinking things through.

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