>Words to live by, no matter what it is you love

>Mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato, on working under less than ideal conditions:

“Not every opera production we participate in is easy-going and hassle free. (I have a dear friend in the business who sometimes says “Honey, sometimes we just have to take the check and die a little inside.”) Happily, those instances are very rare, for if they were the rule, I could never, ever do this career. But it does happen occasionally, for a vast variety of reasons, and I find that in those moments I need to go deep inside and find inspiration from somewhere within when it isn’t coming from the usual sources, and then work hard on remembering how grateful I am to do what I do, and how amazing it is to share it with so many of you who value music and the theater greatly in your lives. No, not every production will be to your liking, but you keep coming back for the magic, the mystery, the truth…”


I think I may have reached a tipping point this past year, when I began to realize that some people will never stop being disappointed/outraged/dissatisfied with much in their lives because that it indeed their “default” position, and it’s what they actually love, and where they feel the most at home. I cannot live this way. Like Ms. DiDonato, I have to dig deep in and find something I can live with. Sometimes it’s just a matter of thinking of how things could be worse. Sometimes it’s matter of concentrating only on my own work shutting out all the other distractions. Sometimes it’s as simple as finding humor in the situation. Things are what they are, and we can work to change them, but only with positive energy.

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  1. Hecate says:

    >Thank you for sharing that! It was what I needed to read today!

  2. Marcellina says:

    >Lawyers and singers — our jobs actually have quite a bit in common.

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