>The Gores. Why Is This Big News?

>Are the media so empty of ideas, has the oil spill become so boring to them, that this is a welcome diversion?

So the Gores are splitting and the American media are dutifully reporting shock and dismay that their marriage has “failed” (and don’t even look at the comments, they are awful.) But, seriously, 40 years? That’s a long marriage, folks. It can only be seen as a “failure” if one is measuring marriage success by being in one for life. And in a society which repeatedly comes back to the “are humans meant to be monogamous for life?” discussion, you have to wonder what all the fuss is about. They shared many years together, successfully raised children, did a lot of good for the world* , and are, publicly at least, mutually OK with the split. Whether one of them has fallen in love with someone else, or they just prefer not to live a charade and keep getting invited as a couple, there’s absolutely no shame in this. In fact, I applaud them. Far too many people remain in unhappy unions because they can’t bring themselves to make any change, often out of fear of what other people will think. But you know what? My take on life is this: you have one, just one. And you are going to have to do the best you can for yourself and for the world in the time you have. As long as no one is getting hurt, do what you need to do.

* I may be the only person in the world to believe that Tipper got a lot of unfair flak for wanting warning labels on music with violent or profane content. She didn’t want to ban it, she wanted labels so parents would have a better idea knowing what music their kids were buying. One may wonder who was really behind all that outrage. The music industry? Looking back from today’s standpoint, it looks like a proto-tea party.

Postscript: Google News explains all the buzz by putting the story under the “Entertainment” banner.

Post-postscript: The footage of that kiss is TEN YEARS OLD, for chrissakes. Which is longer than the duration of most of those pundits’ (multiple) marriages.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >Part of the fuss is that no-one can believe it. The Gores' separation is almost as shocking as the Brooke Hayward/Peter Duchin split. But you're right, a 40- year marriage should be deemed a success by any measure. And who knows, the Gores might even get back together. Wouldn't be the first time a separation "failed"! -Carlisle

  2. baresytapas says:

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  3. Anonymous says:

    >The media along with their readers would die if they couldn't live vicariously through the personal lives of others. What a sorry, shallow existence. @baresytapasAgreed, this is a great little blog and it only gets better and better. Marcellina's photos take you on journeys through gorgeous Austrian locales and her charming accounts soothe the soul.

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