>And We Rocked

>A more-than-sold-out, standing-room-only house, a happy audience, 2 encores (and clapping for more, but we stopped there out of self-preservation), really, what more can one hope for? The show went smashingly well, just as we’d hoped (and suspected) it would. I am Frida, my friend and colleague Jen is Agnetha, and Paul (“our biggest fan”) is at the piano.
Here are a few photos just to give you the sense of it. We had a chest full of props (providing memories and prompting songs), the pearly gates behind us, and a couple of clouds to sit on/change clothes behind. Our costumes were amazing. Look at those boots!

And what is everyone asking? “Are you going to do it again?” We guess that we are, since that powers-that-be loved it (and of course they love anything that sells tickets, as well!) It was a hell of a lot of work, I’m glad it’s over for now, but we’re happy to entertain the idea of bringing it back for more shows in the fall. (It will keep me motivated to continue exercising.)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >Your show must be a lot of fun – congrats on the successful premiere! -Carlisle

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