>Thank You For The Music

>This afternoon I was interviewed by the program head of the local public radio station, in connection with a short play I have written which will premiere tomorrow night. I know this sounds all glam, much more so that it actually is; still, it was an interesting experience. Thank the gods it wasn’t aired live (my German language skills fail me considerably under that kind of pressure!)

So how did I get to actually write a piece and get it performed? Easily, actually. The theater where I work hosts a running series of events under the title Vollmond (full moon.) On the night of each full moon during the season, a single performance is held, right after the regularly-scheduled performance, the idea being that people who can’t get to sleep during a full moon will stay out for a late show. It may be a reading, or an experimental dance piece, or a song recital. It can be a well-rehearsed show involving 20 people, or a dialogue between two actors. I have taken part in a few over the years already, and they can be a lot of fun. You get a paid a little for your time, and while some might argue that the money is not worth the effort, those of us with creative energies can be thankful for the opportunity to work them out, with full support of the many departments in the theater (and those of us who have worked in America know that you can’t just put on a recital somewhere and expect to just break even.)

This piece involves a lot of ABBA songs. When the costume chef got wind of it, he happily went all disco on us, ordered us (the two singers in the show, one of whom is me) white platform go-go boots and stitched us up exact replicas of several ABBA costumes. Our pianist put in extra time to work out the familiar piano passages that are now found in any of our sheet music. The head dramaturg is our director, and has helped shape the piece and keep the dialogue sharp from day one. The associate head of the dance department has been by several times to clean up our moves and suggest new ones. My colleague onstage has also put in a lot of extra time and energy, looking at video clips and reworking lines with me. I couldn’t have asked for a better crew of people.
I’ll tell more after it’s all over!

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