>Across the promenade from the Hofgarten and next to the river lies a wedge of park that doesn’t get a lot of attention, and since the footbridge is closed for repairs, it’s been especially neglected lately. Which is a good thing for the dandelions this season. All that whispy white and yellow, mixed in with other, smaller wildflowers, gives it a rather enchanting look, like a country meadow in a fairy tale (because real country meadows, far from being romantic, are mowed and maintained and full of livestock)

It will all be gone is a day or two, but nice while it lasted.

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    >So many people here in the States try to have lawns without dandelions or clover. Some routinely use broad-leaf herbicides to ensure it. But your photos show just how beautiful a more natural lawn can be – even when the dandelions go to seed.-Carlisle

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