>The New Yorker maintains a blog, with regular posts by senior editor Amy Davidson. When I am tired of all the political noise I often go over there. Yesterday’s post, about America’s (mis)handling of a child soldier in Afghanistan, is well worth the read. Quoting Carol Rosenberg of the Miami Herald, Davidson writes that the boy, captured at age 15,

“now 23, had specifically claimed in an affidavit outlining abuse that he was threatened with rape. On Tuesday, a medic identified as Mr. M testified that he once found Khadr chained by his arms to the door of his cage-like cell, hooded and in tears. That too tracked allegations included in Khadr’s affidavit.
The medic also testified, according to Rosenberg,
the teenager declared through tears that he would no longer help detention center soldiers by translating the words of other captives.
It was probably useful to have the English-speaking Khadr as a translator. But there is something jarring about the American military, having captured a child soldier, then putting him to work. His father, an Al Qaeda associate who took him to Pakistan and Afghanistan, apparently had no scruples about that; but shouldn’t we have?”

Indeed. The young man is still at Guantanamo.

Close Read: full article with links

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