>Starnberger See

>Can you make out those snow-capped mountains in the background? (Click on the picture to enlarge.)
This is my favorite lake in the region, although it’s ringed with exclusive and outrageously expensive little towns. There’s something about the landscape and the water itself that’s always inviting. I love the Walchensee too, which has high mountains right at its edge, and unusual green-blue waves that make you think you might be somewhere seaside, but the trip there involves a winding climb over a pass which usually has me seasick before I even see the water.
There was hardly any wind, all was quiet and calm before the rain.
People who stop by, to dip their toes in the water and have a look around, are often stymied by this scene, of one or two people watching someone else walk around slowly and purposefully with a towel on her head. It’s actually the first exercise in the underwater navigation lessons, using a compass to get from points A, B, C and back to A without being able to see where you are. This particular stretch of water is ideal for diving lessons, since it’s relatively shallow and it has an access dock.
That’s the Beau in the middle, giving the navigation lesson to an Advanced Open Water Diver candidate. I assisted him later by being in the water (he watched her progress from the dock, by observing her air bubbles on the surface) and hauling in the buoy afterward — basic grunt work, but this kind of physical exertion is a welcome change from opera rehearsals (also exerting, but in another way altogether!)

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