>Volcanic Ash Update

>By last night the news reporters had pretty much abandoned their “Europe in chaos! We’re doomed!” shtick and had gotten sensible —or maybe I just started tuning into other stations who were less interested in what inconveniences central Europe was expecting. The ash clouds have indeed arrived, in a somewhat diluted form (it looks hazy, like it did when the Föhn winds brought the Sahara sands up to the Alps. Haze is not a common occurrence here in this part of the Inntal, the way it is in the eastern U.S.)

No planes are taking off or landing, which may be hell for travelers but a holiday for those of us who live under the landing route, i.e., all of Innsbruck.
Flights are scheduled to resume – tentatively, in Austria – at 8 p.m. tonight, after the cloud has dispersed. One nice thing about the ash — being ash, it’s being hailed as wonderful bonus fertilizer for the fields and gardens. Thanks, Iceland!

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