>The wave of scandals has opened up new reports in Austria as well, prompting the federal state of Tirol to set up a commission to take in reports of abuse by Roman Catholic clergy, according to ORF, the national media here. To the commission’s surprise, in the first week they received 65 reports, and the flood hasn’t stopped yet.. While details have not been made public, they include excess violence and sexual assaults in church-run juvenile homes, as well as in children’s psychiatric units.
Up until now, victims were to report to the church’s own commission for abuse, which has also been stormed with about a hundred complaints, many involving abuse at the handful of homes for boys in the region.

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  1. Minnie says:

    >The whole affair is running and running – happening everywhere: a domino effect. The Vatican recently confirmed that RC nuns had been abused/raped (that's NOT abuse??) by RC priests in 23 (mostly African) countries.Obviously time for radical reform but, as with the banking system (another rotten international system), I fear the opportunity will be wasted in a flurry of 'initiatives', 'issue-led targets' and all the other complete and utter, er, nonsense (was thinking of a stronger word)thought up by male leaders to protect others ('others' in this context to be understood as 'the interests of said MLs').Sorry for the cynicism, but I'm a Brit & these days the two are synonymous.And I can't discern the presence of a Martin Luther for the 21st century lurking anywhere (not that ML was a lurker – anything but!).Horrific.

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