>Isola del Giglio

>To be honest, I heard about this island for the first time about three months ago. It’s very small, and because of that it’s not a “destination” for many people. The locals and the Italians who vacation there want to keep it that way, so the community (and general facilities) has been kept intentionally small. We heard about it from through mention of the marine biology institute there, which is connected to a German-run dive center. This institute offers classes of all grades to German students who come down for a little underwater science education. At this time of year, however, we were the first guests to turn up, and so we had pretty much the apartment complex, the beach and the diving staff to ourselves.
Lots of granite mining on the island from back to the Roman times, and more recently there had been a pyrite mine right near the bay where we stayed. Due to this (and although it had closed decades ago) the beach sand was a warm chocolate brown.
We had the sights to ourselves too, although very little was open yet. The season unofficially kicks off at Easter.
At the top of the island is the town of Castello, built from stone and surrounding the old castle.
The sea floor looks uninteresting from here, but there was actually a lot of life there, if you looked for it. Other spots had interesting grottoes, steep faces and caves, teeming with coral and all sorts of sea critters. Our guide, the center’s owner, was exceptionally knowledgeable about what was hiding in all the underwater nooks and crannies, and took pride in showing us. My only complaint is that it was a little too early in the year to enjoy any kind of spring weather, and when we weren’t diving, we were freezing. Next time in April, or maybe October!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >Love the photos!

  2. Minnie says:

    >Fascinating intro to somewhere new to me, too. I've never seen sand the colour of cocoa before. Sounds as if you had a lovely break, despite the chill factor.

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