>Can You Guess The Opera?

>While I am getting my head together after our 5 days in Italy, here’s a little diversion for you.

This just came my way, via an American friend who’s busy singing in European opera houses. Before you read the next paragraph, can you guess which opera this might be? Probably not, and that’s the charm of these German “concept” operas, where the director feels s/he has to make a statement of some sort. Paraphrased from the satirical letter “How To Opera Germanly” which has been floating around the internet for over ten years (you can google it, it’s funny and spot-on), if the audience boos in disgust, your job is done.
So what show could this be? Well, I’ll spill it, because it’s even more amusing once you know: Aida, naturally! That princess-y one has got to be Amneris. My American friend, who sings the title role, is the one with her head in the tub — and she explains why:

The picture already won some opera blog contest of “What opera is this???”. Why is my head in a bathtub? It’s the duet with Amneris and the stage director uses the “water trick” in many of his productions – he likes how the water looks when it flips off the head when coming out of the tub…. I got the honors here… very hard to sing afterwards, I tell you… I have yet to find a comfortable position that doesn’t effect the diaphragm so I can sing the beautiful music afterwards without being out of breath. Oh, I also get kicked in the stomach by Amneris after this (and she kicks, dude…) which also doesn’t help…

Well! The true glamour of the opera world revealed right there. Getting kicked in the stomach by the mezzo, and having to sing the rest of the act with a wet head, what could be more captivating than that?

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3 Responses to >Can You Guess The Opera?

  1. Minnie says:

    >Oh, wonderful (although not for the cast, obviously)! Relieved you revealed all, as I'd never have guessed …Recently witnessed horrific prod. of Carmen from la Scala by uber-PC Sicilian female whose name I've (?deliberately) forgotten. Very sorry for Jonas Kaufmann, who was clearly uncomfortable throughout.Welcome back, hope your brief trip was refreshing – buon coraggio!

  2. Marcellina says:

    >Minnie, I like your blog! Nice, off-the-beaten-path stuff there. http://minniebeaniste.wordpress.com/

  3. Minnie says:

    >Thank you, Marcellina – delighted to hear it, as am very much enjoying yours. Just off to read some more, then put you on the blogroll (for all the good THAT'll do you ;-)!).

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