>The beau and I are driving down for a short vacation on the Italian coast next week. The apartment we are renting looks nice in the pics, but it’s absolutely BYO Everything — towels, sheets, blankets, coffee machine, soap sponges, not to mention food, which is more expensive on the island we’ll be on, so we’re bringing a lot of that too. Breakfast müsli, coffee, coffee filters, spices, sugar, H-Milch, tub margarine, fruits, rice, pasta. Yes, pasta is cheaper up here, go figure. I have been collecting stuff all this week. The advantage of driving is that we are able to pack every last nook and cranny full of stuff so we won’t have to buy it there. It’s very German of us, but hey, 2 meals out every day just isn’t workable. Plus, we’re not going for sightseeing and sidewalk cafes. We’re going for the diving.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >Is the name of your island a secret? -Carlisle

  2. Marcellina says:

    >I'll tell all about it when I get back!

  3. >I wish you nice vacation. I'd like to see some pics!

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