>You gotta love a good Vatican sex scandal. I do. Not for the schadenfreude; I just want to see them get it all out in the open, finally. Go ahead, embrace your love of expensive male models and rugby players! Of COURSE a man in the choir knows where all the best (gay) men are…
But now there are charges of sexual abuse from a former member of the Regensburger Domspatzen, the premier boy choir in Germany.

What is it about high church music and sex? On some level I understand the connection, but cannot quite put it into words. Maybe the same force that prompted that monastery in Spain to record their Gregorian chants over disco beats? Please feel free to jump into the comments and explain what makes old church music sometimes so…sensual. And I’m talking William Byrd, not Mary Baker Eddy. (Although hey, she might do it for somebody.)

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  1. geor3ge says:

    >Good Lord, I used to sub at a Christian Science church. If MBE et al is someone's idea of a good time, well, God bless the freaks.

  2. Minnie says:

    >Gruss Gott from France. No idea about any possible connections between church music and sexual proclivities … but – moving swiftly on! – confess to being a huge fan of early music in general (keeping schtumm about the other thing!). William Byrd a big favourite of mine; also Orlando Gibbons; Tallis; John Tavener (the first one). Also an opera fan, so found your blog really interesting: brava!

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