>At Least Now I’ll Get To Sleep Earlier

>I liked Conan’s late-night show. When he moved to Tonight I thought he lost quite a bit of the edge, and figured he has been pressured to tone it down a little. So watching him revert to form this past week was bittersweet, because the shows were great, and they were ending.

Wherever he ends up next, I hope I can view the episodes online. For now, NBC Europe will only be airing Jay. Bummer. I used to be neutral about Leno but then all the Hillary jokes turned me off. Sorry, Jay, I don’t think you’re offensive, but you’re just not funny. “Headlines” was by far the best part of your show.

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3 Responses to >At Least Now I’ll Get To Sleep Earlier

  1. Gummo says:

    >Well, Conan's not allowed on TV for at least 7 months, and Jay sucks, so your sleep schedule should be just fine — for a while.

  2. Marcellina says:

    >And then when Conan reappears it'll be with a TV station I can't get — except hopefully online.

  3. Gummo says:

    >Well, the rumor is that he'll be going back where he came from, i.e., Fox (he was a producer-writer-show runner on The Simpsons).

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